iKier V1 and V2 Laser Heads: Enhancing Design Without Compromising Functionality

We are excited to announce the latest updates to our laser engraving and cutting machines: the V1 and V2 laser heads. While both versions offer the same exceptional functionality, the V2 comes with a sleek, integrated design that enhances both aesthetics and usability.

Overview of V1 and V2

Both V1 and V2 laser heads maintain the high standards of performance and reliability that our customers have come to expect. However, the V2 introduces a series of design enhancements that make it a standout choice for those looking for a more integrated and streamlined experience.

What’s New with V2?

The V2 laser head represents a significant design upgrade over the V1. Here's a closer look at the changes:

  • Integrated Laser Design:

The V2 laser head integrates key features such as flame detection and the cross cursor directly into the laser. This not only simplifies the overall design but also enhances the user experience by keeping everything neatly contained within the laser head itself.

  • Upgraded Plug-in Line:

The plug-in line has been upgraded from the original 5P to a 7P connector, providing more robust connectivity and improving the overall reliability of the machine.

  • Firmware Update:

V2 comes with upgraded firmware, version 1.517, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility with the latest features and enhancements.

  • Frame Upgrade:

The frame of the V2 laser engraving machine includes a new auto focus button, adding another layer of convenience and precision to your projects.

Benefits of the New Design

The integrated design of the V2 laser head offers several practical benefits:

  • Enhanced Usability:

By concentrating features like flame detection and the cross cursor inside the laser, the V2 offers a more user-friendly experience. This integrated approach simplifies setup and operation, making it easier for users to get started and achieve precise results.

  • Aesthetic Appeal:

The sleek, modern design of the V2 not only looks great but also reflects the advanced technology within. This makes the V2 an attractive addition to any workspace.

  • Improved Connectivity:

The shift from a 5P to a 7P plug-in line ensures a more stable and reliable connection, reducing the chances of connectivity issues during operation.

  • Convenient Auto Focus:

The addition of the auto focus button on the V2 frame enhances ease of use, allowing for quick and accurate focusing, which is crucial for achieving high-quality engravings.

Compatibility and Support

One of the best aspects of the V2 laser head is its seamless compatibility with all applications and software that work with the V1. This means you can upgrade to the V2 without worrying about losing access to your favorite tools and workflows. The firmware upgrade to version 1.517 also ensures that you are running the latest and most efficient software available.

Additionally, both V1 and V2 are compatible with different versions of the ikier laser extension kit and window lens. You can find detailed notes on the compatibility on the product pages of the extension kit and window lens.

Upgrade Information

For existing customers don't know which laser head you are using, we offer a straightforward guideline. Please contact our support team(support@ikier.com) to figure it out and make it clear to choose accoiess. We also have special promotions and discounts available for a limited time, so don’t miss out!


Q: What are the main differences between the V1 and V2 laser heads?

A: The primary differences are the integrated design of the V2, the upgraded 7P plug-in line, the firmware upgrade to version 1.517, and the addition of an auto focus button on the frame.

Q: Will my current applications and software work with the V2?

A: Yes, all application software that works with the V1 is fully supported by the V2. For more detalis, please contact us at: support@ikier.com

Q: Are V1 and V2 compatible with the ikier laser extension kit and window lens?

A: Yes, both V1 and V2 are compatible with different versions of the ikier laser extension kit and window lens. Detailed notes on compatibility are available on the product pages of the extension kit and window lens(V1) / window lens(V2)